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Wake Up America

   Oil Billionaires are taking control of America, through the use of “DDT” (DT). Paying to get Republicans elected, the current Republican Tax legislation is one of many paybacks to their Oil Billionaire masters.
   Oil Billionaires that stand to lose billion of dollars, deny global warming to protect their assets, without any concern about wiping humans out. It should be obvious that the rich put themselves first, and Oil Billionaires care more about billions of dollars than about billions of people.
   Oil Billionaires have taken control and Americans are letting them, by listening to DDT’s promises/lies. Elected Republicans are making this payback, in order to get funding for their 2018 election campaigns and are selling out their constituents and America in the process.
   This is happening in front of the world’s eyes… the Oil Billionaire takeover leading to WWIII… runaway GLOBAL WARming. WWIII is a war that no human will survive, and it began on November 2016. Unless Americans fight to save America on November 2018, America will be permanently lost. Wake Up America and Smell the Oil.
NOTE: Here is a short list of Oil Billionaires behind the takeover: Putin, Koch Brothers, House of Saud. 

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Totality1Every human believes they have seen the sun, but humans only see the blinding glow of the sun and not the sun. Humans call that blinding glow the sun, but it is just the glow, like high-beams in the night are not the car. Only during totality (a total eclipse) can a human actually see the corona of the sun… the only part of the sun a human can see. During a total eclipse, the moon blocks all of the sunlight so that the sky gets dark, and this allows the corona to be seen around the disk of the moon.

A partial eclipse is nothing like a total eclipse, since the smallest amount of sunlight will keep the sky blue and the corona hidden. During totality, every human that has seen the corona is awe struck. Those who can see the white glow of the corona get a glimpse of the power of the sun. It is not like any other white light, because the corona is created by fusion plasma energy that powers the sun. That is why no photograph or video comes anywhere close, compared to seeing the corona during a total eclipse. 

This is being written because humans have all kinds of thoughts and beliefs about what they see. The truth is that a total eclipse is the only time that a human can see the sun’s corona… and it is mesmerizingly awesome and wonderful. It should be… after all… it’s seeing the sun for the first time.     Middleway, August 24, 2017

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(April 1-7, 2017) This last week is a perfect example of what the post-truth world looks like. DT’s poll numbers going down, DT announces he won’t seek Assad’s removal, story about Assad gassing his own people, DT calls it despicable and shows disappointment in Putin, DT fires 5 dozen cruise missiles at one Assad military airport, Putin sends one of his destroyers to show he isn’t intimidated. DT’s poll numbers go up.

Here are a few questions: 1) why announce DT won’t seek Assad’s removal? 2) why would Assad suddenly gas a town? 3) why fire 5 dozen, $1+million cruise missiles at only one airport? 4) why were the reported casualties so low in both “attacks”? 5) why was the Russian military notified 30+ minutes before the attack with the Syrian military consequently notified? 6) why was there relatively little damage? AND 7) why was it that FauxNews had the info and photos first?

All of the above added up to a lot of suspicions. After remembering who the players were, it all fell into place… what the post-truth world looks like.
The Players: Putin, Assad, DT… and then comes FauxNews
Every player gains something in this fictional tale. Assad might seem to lose, but Assad gets to continue being president, and both Putin and DT get a boost in support and poll numbers.

For those reading this with suspicion, let me assure you that governments have been colluding with each other throughout history. This will be the first instance of the unmasking of a fictional story so quickly, either leading to DT’s impeachment… or the fiction will go into the history books instead and Orwell’s 1984 world will have firmly taken root.
At Putin’s suggestion/advice, DT took a gamble thinking he couldn’t lose. Now we will see who loses… DT? or America? And if the above is true, then you should know that Putin now has control of DT, since DT either goes along w/ Putin’s demands, or Putin reveals proof of their collusion. Now is the time to dump DT, before things quickly go downhill.

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Humans think they can see and believe they are not blind.
Humans can see a little… enough to survive. Every animal only sees enough to survive.
To be legally blind is to have vision that is ten times worse or a narrow field of vision.
In other words, humans can see a little and still be legally/essentially blind.

Question: If the world was filled with blind people, would they think that they were blind?
Humans are blind to over 90% of the world. As supporting evidence:

1. Humans are blind to their own blindness.
Humans are blind to everything that they cannot see.
Many animals are far superior in their senses (seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, feeling)
Humans can sense less than 1000th of the potential for each of their senses.
Humans are blind to the fact that seeing is a continuum and that humans only see a small portion of that continuum.   (click Comments to see more evidence)

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This 60 minute video points to a state of mind that can be experienced when ego consciousness dies (loses control). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bw9zSMsKcwk

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Everyone who voted for DT essentially lit a slow burning fuse on a bomb… a bomb that will be going off in their face or in children’s faces this century. DT will be initiating WWIII, runaway GLOBAL WARming in 2017, by pulling out of the Paris Accord, and drilling, fracking, digging more fossil fuels in order to make more billions for his greedy oligarch buddies.

From 2017 on, every climate disaster (extreme drought, extreme weather, extreme flooding) has DT’s fingerprints on it. DT denied global warming, played to people’s fantasies, and dismantled clean sustainable energy for archaic polluting energy… thus stealing humanity’s future. Those that voted for W may have forgotten what a disaster W was. Those that voted for DT will get a constant reminder, as yearly temperatures keep increasing, as sea levels keep rising, and as so-called “natural” disasters keep increasing in severity and size. The fuses on the GLOBAL WARming bombs are very slow burning, but they are guaranteed to explode in the future, and one by one, those bombs will destroy every human on Earth. Since the fuses are very slow burning, the wise will have plenty of time to prepare, while the ignorant will be unprepared when their bomb goes off.

As 2016 ends, humans did not save themselves and will be going extinct within 500 years. So it goes… when humans are deaf, dumb, blind and ignore global warming instead of addressing it.

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A scary tale of pirates and kings, stolen treasure, and the peasants who suffer…. in other words, a true story.

A helpful way of understanding what is happening in the world is to recognize that Wall Street, global corporations and most governments are modern day pirates. What happened on Nov 8 was a successful pirate raid on our nation where our treasure chest was stolen.
On November 8, Wall Street pirates, global corporation pirates, and various government pirates successfully raided and captured our greatest treasure.. our government… our democracy/republic… soon to be replaced with a monarchy… King Donald and his royal family.
Many will laugh at such a notion. These are the villagers and farmers that actually support a king over what they would call a “failing democracy”. Until writing this tale, didn’t know what “Make America Great Again” meant? Now realize that it was backwards… Great America (like Great Britain with a royal family) with King Donald ruling over it. He was never running for US President but for King. Even now, those who have shown loyalty to the king are being rewarded with powerful positions… family included.
Those that dislike hearing such far-fetched ideas must dislike studying history, since history is filled with just such pirate raids… leading up to today. The reason that it keeps occurring is because “Humans have thoughts and believe their thoughts. Humans would rather hold on to their beliefs than to know truth/reality.”
Over the past 3000 years, only a small number of humans were able to know enough truth to grasp reality. Humans lacked the means (accurate information/knowledge) and the desire (their beliefs were good enough). This is how the November 8 election was stolen… by planting false thoughts that turned into beliefs… selfish beliefs that many humans cling to. This is how the coming monarchy will occur… planted false thoughts that get repeated until they become beliefs. Social media and commercial television/radio has allowed false thoughts to flourish and spread like weeds. There is even a name for it… the post-truth world.
Just like every kingdom eventually comes crashing down, November 8 also marks the start of the end of humanity… runaway global warming will keep making everything hotter until humans go extinct within 500 years. King Donald’s family might have a few decades of reign… but they will become the most hated family in history, once global warming hits multiple tipping points and becomes unstoppable. Most years will keep breaking heat records, as global warming keeps progressing. Many will not know why it keeps getting hotter, but those that do will know King Donald pulled out of the Paris Accord and extracted/burned more fossil fuels when we should have burned less. Perhaps an old King Donald will even get to see his and his family’s downfall. We can also remember the Red States for turning a democracy into a monarchy and for setting in motion the extinction of humanity.
What a difference a day makes.

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