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Wake Up America

   Oil Billionaires are taking control of America, through the use of “DDT” (DT). Paying to get Republicans elected, the current Republican Tax legislation is one of many paybacks to their Oil Billionaire masters.
   Oil Billionaires that stand to lose billion of dollars, deny global warming to protect their assets, without any concern about wiping humans out. It should be obvious that the rich put themselves first, and Oil Billionaires care more about billions of dollars than about billions of people.
   Oil Billionaires have taken control and Americans are letting them, by listening to DDT’s promises/lies. Elected Republicans are making this payback, in order to get funding for their 2018 election campaigns and are selling out their constituents and America in the process.
   This is happening in front of the world’s eyes… the Oil Billionaire takeover leading to WWIII… runaway GLOBAL WARming. WWIII is a war that no human will survive, and it began on November 2016. Unless Americans fight to save America on November 2018, America will be permanently lost. Wake Up America and Smell the Oil.
NOTE: Here is a short list of Oil Billionaires behind the takeover: Putin, Koch Brothers, House of Saud. 

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