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Totality1Every human believes they have seen the sun, but humans only see the blinding glow of the sun and not the sun. Humans call that blinding glow the sun, but it is just the glow, like high-beams in the night are not the car. Only during totality (a total eclipse) can a human actually see the corona of the sun… the only part of the sun a human can see. During a total eclipse, the moon blocks all of the sunlight so that the sky gets dark, and this allows the corona to be seen around the disk of the moon.

A partial eclipse is nothing like a total eclipse, since the smallest amount of sunlight will keep the sky blue and the corona hidden. During totality, every human that has seen the corona is awe struck. Those who can see the white glow of the corona get a glimpse of the power of the sun. It is not like any other white light, because the corona is created by fusion plasma energy that powers the sun. That is why no photograph or video comes anywhere close, compared to seeing the corona during a total eclipse. 

This is being written because humans have all kinds of thoughts and beliefs about what they see. The truth is that a total eclipse is the only time that a human can see the sun’s corona… and it is mesmerizingly awesome and wonderful. It should be… after all… it’s seeing the sun for the first time.     Middleway, August 24, 2017

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