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People buy sports drinks and bottled water, not realizing how much pollution they cause (the plastic bottles and all the oil used to make and transport them). Here are some better ways to get the fluids (water) and electrolytes (minerals).

Nutrition Facts
Gatorade 8oz        Orange Juice 4oz     Apple Juice 4oz     Brewed Tea 8oz

Calories 50                      56                             57                         0
Sodium 110mg                 1mg                        5mg                     3mg
Potassium 30mg          236mg                      125mg                  50mg
Carbohydrates 14g          14g                            14g                      0

To make a sports drink similar to Gatorade, all one has to do is mix about half orange or apple juice and half water. This sports drink is natural, creates less pollution, and is better for you and the environment. A disadvantage is that it must be kept cool and drank within a half day, otherwise it will start to go bad (the reason sports drinks are artificial).

Tea contains many healthy substances and is also a source of potassium. A sports drink could be made from it by adding two teaspoons of sugar (about 50 calories). This should last a day without refrigeration. If caffeine is an issue, try using herbal tea instead.

If you aren’t exercising vigorously, the lack of sodium is not important, since we usually get too much salt from the foods we eat anyway. Adding sugar to tea is also unnecessary, if you don’t need the energy boost from the sugar.

Foods which are high in potassium are a banana (450mg), 1/2 avocado (500mg), and raisins. If you eat some of these foods before exercise, you could simply drink water. Clean and good tasting water can be gotten using a simple device like a Pur or Brita water filter.

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