The Four Nutrients for Life

The Four Nutrients for Life in Buddhism: Edible (what we eat), Sense Impressions (what we consume with our 5 senses: TV, Internet, media, etc), Volition (what we want in life, goals), and Consciousness (what we think, mindfulness). With awareness of these 4 nutrients, we can better understand how to keep our body, mind and spirit healthy/happy. http://intellectuallyfit.com/buddhism-four-nutriments-of-life/


The Real world is not video… the Real world is not words… the Real world is much bigger and deeper than you think. Mw, 10/24/19

This is being written to explain why I am leaving social media for the Real world.

Facebook and the like are essentially Cable TV on steroids, with every “Friend” becoming a separate channel. Facebook is essentially the new DV (Digital Video) as opposed to TV (Televised Video). Just as TV was addictive and seemed like a fantastic view of the world; DV is even more addictive and seems even more fantastic. Just like parents of old could see children glued to the TV; today, everyone can see children and adults (bigger children) glued to their latest media device. Facebook/DV is not the Real world.

Twitter and the like are essentially books reduced to sentences, for a modern day world addicted to instant gratification. It shows how lazy humans have become, as reading for advancement, slowly turned into reading for entertainment. Books with depth to them, turned into magazine articles for faster consumption, then into a paragraph summary, then into 128 character Tweets. Emoticons have reduced it to a simple image. Twitter/text is not the Real world.

Facebook, Twitter, video games, and digital media appeal to humans in the same way that a cat will play with a ball of string and a dog will chase a ball or stick. They tap into our animal drives using devices that simulate real objects. This occurs because humans are human animals that evolved from other animals, and inherited animal traits. Digital media and advertising companies have grown rich by tapping into our animal emotions and traits.

Humans think that they are conscious (awake), but they are only semi-conscious (partially awake/asleep). To clarify, there are a handful of animals that can recognize themselves in a mirror (humans, chimpanzees, elephants, dolphins, etc). Other animals only see another animal that they either fear or ignore. In the same way, a human that looks in a mirror can only see themselves and cannot see the animals within them. Even watching side by side comparisons of human and animal behaviors that are virtually identical, humans cannot see the animal that they are.

Humans can see a little; they can see how animals and humans behave in similar ways… but view themselves as superior, so imagine that the animals behave like us, when the reverse is reality.

Animal survival is based on simple ideas like: friend or foe, male or female, food or not food. This works well for survival, but is far too shallow/simplistic if one wants to awaken to life.

How does one Awaken to Life?

As long as a human does not recognize that they are a human animal, then they cannot Awaken to Life. One must become conscious enough, open their eyes enough, to actually see the animal that they are. Once a human can see that, then they can begin to see their limited and superficial traits… what humans prefer to ignore… to remain asleep to. Then, they can begin to see how severely blind humans are… how superficially they see and experience the world. They can expand their consciousness (open their eyes, their third eye) and begin to see and experience the depth of the real world… the world that exists beyond animal/asleep consciousness.

Just as evolution is a process that takes years, decades or longer; awakening is a similar process that takes years, decades or longer. Awakening is not-so-different than evolving a human animal into a conscious Earthling… something that a human animal cannot see when looking in a mirror. 😉

Humans are negligently polluting Earth and now have two choices, either: REDUCE CO2 until fossil fuels are phased out… OR… STOP HAVING CHILDREN.

After over 50 years of warnings, the evidence clearly points to ACD (Anthropogenic Climate Disruption). Intelligent and moral humans only have these two choices: Either Save Earth from runaway global warming, or Do not put any more children into a Hell on Earth.

Blind, ignorant, immoral, selfish, greedy, piece-of-shit humans will not listen. Why send another child to hell? Any child born after 2020 will come to hate their parents for their ignorance and selfishness. Why would any decent human want to have a child, knowing that the child would suffer in hell?

Many will say that it is too late to save Earth, yet hypocritically think that having children is still OK. Once a carbon tax is implemented that phases out fossil fuels by 2050, Middleway will unveil a way to prevent runaway global warming. This is the 2020 message to every human on Earth.

Wake Up America

   Oil Billionaires are taking control of America, through the use of “DDT” (DT). Paying to get Republicans elected, the current Republican Tax legislation is one of many paybacks to their Oil Billionaire masters.
   Oil Billionaires that stand to lose billion of dollars, deny global warming to protect their assets, without any concern about wiping humans out. It should be obvious that the rich put themselves first, and Oil Billionaires care more about billions of dollars than about billions of people.
   Oil Billionaires have taken control and Americans are letting them, by listening to DDT’s promises/lies. Elected Republicans are making this payback, in order to get funding for their 2018 election campaigns and are selling out their constituents and America in the process.
   This is happening in front of the world’s eyes… the Oil Billionaire takeover leading to WWIII… runaway GLOBAL WARming. WWIII is a war that no human will survive, and it began on November 2016. Unless Americans fight to save America on November 2018, America will be permanently lost. Wake Up America and Smell the Oil.
NOTE: Here is a short list of Oil Billionaires behind the takeover: Putin, Koch Brothers, House of Saud. 

Totality1Every human believes they have seen the sun, but humans only see the blinding glow of the sun and not the sun. Humans call that blinding glow the sun, but it is just the glow, like high-beams in the night are not the car. Only during totality (a total eclipse) can a human actually see the corona of the sun… the only part of the sun a human can see. During a total eclipse, the moon blocks all of the sunlight so that the sky gets dark, and this allows the corona to be seen around the disk of the moon.

A partial eclipse is nothing like a total eclipse, since the smallest amount of sunlight will keep the sky blue and the corona hidden. During totality, every human that has seen the corona is awe struck. Those who can see the white glow of the corona get a glimpse of the power of the sun. It is not like any other white light, because the corona is created by fusion plasma energy that powers the sun. That is why no photograph or video comes anywhere close, compared to seeing the corona during a total eclipse. 

This is being written because humans have all kinds of thoughts and beliefs about what they see. The truth is that a total eclipse is the only time that a human can see the sun’s corona… and it is mesmerizingly awesome and wonderful. It should be… after all… it’s seeing the sun for the first time.     Middleway, August 24, 2017

(April 1-7, 2017) This last week is a perfect example of what the post-truth world looks like. DT’s poll numbers going down, DT announces he won’t seek Assad’s removal, story about Assad gassing his own people, DT calls it despicable and shows disappointment in Putin, DT fires 5 dozen cruise missiles at one Assad military airport, Putin sends one of his destroyers to show he isn’t intimidated. DT’s poll numbers go up.

Here are a few questions: 1) why announce DT won’t seek Assad’s removal? 2) why would Assad suddenly gas a town? 3) why fire 5 dozen, $1+million cruise missiles at only one airport? 4) why were the reported casualties so low in both “attacks”? 5) why was the Russian military notified 30+ minutes before the attack with the Syrian military consequently notified? 6) why was there relatively little damage? AND 7) why was it that FauxNews had the info and photos first?

All of the above added up to a lot of suspicions. After remembering who the players were, it all fell into place… what the post-truth world looks like.
The Players: Putin, Assad, DT… and then comes FauxNews
Every player gains something in this fictional tale. Assad might seem to lose, but Assad gets to continue being president, and both Putin and DT get a boost in support and poll numbers.

For those reading this with suspicion, let me assure you that governments have been colluding with each other throughout history. This will be the first instance of the unmasking of a fictional story so quickly, either leading to DT’s impeachment… or the fiction will go into the history books instead and Orwell’s 1984 world will have firmly taken root.
At Putin’s suggestion/advice, DT took a gamble thinking he couldn’t lose. Now we will see who loses… DT? or America? And if the above is true, then you should know that Putin now has control of DT, since DT either goes along w/ Putin’s demands, or Putin reveals proof of their collusion. Now is the time to dump DT, before things quickly go downhill.

Humans Are Blind

Humans think they can see and believe they are not blind.
Humans can see a little… enough to survive. Every animal only sees enough to survive.
To be legally blind is to have vision that is ten times worse or a narrow field of vision.
In other words, humans can see a little and still be legally/essentially blind.

Question: If the world was filled with blind people, would they think that they were blind?
Humans are blind to over 90% of the world. As supporting evidence:

1. Humans are blind to their own blindness.
Humans are blind to everything that they cannot see.
Many animals are far superior in their senses (seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, feeling)
Humans can sense less than 1000th of the potential for each of their senses.
Humans are blind to the fact that seeing is a continuum and that humans only see a small portion of that continuum.   (click Comments to see more evidence)

Samadhi Movie 2017


This 60 minute video points to a state of mind that can be experienced when ego consciousness dies (loses control). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bw9zSMsKcwk

For those who know of Noam Chomsky, you must watch “Requiem for the American Dream”. In 80 minutes, Chomsky describes the Ten Principles of Concentration of Wealth and Power. He explains that what has been going on in the USA, ever since WWII, is a vast expansion of the control of state and federal governments by those who want to concentrate wealth and power… at the expense of everyone else. DT got install by “#7 Engineering Elections” and he is advancing all the others.
The Ten Principles are: Reduce Democracy, Shape Ideology, Redesign the Economy, Shift the Burden, Attack Solidarity, Run the Regulators, Engineer Elections, Keep the Rabble in Line, Manufacture Consent, Marginalize the Population. It is available on Netflix. Here’s the trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zI_Ik7OppEI

“Difficult it is to be born human.” By becoming able to realize precious things as precious, I truly became a man of happiness. Rev. Mizutani

Anytime anything starts to get you down, remember that humans are prone to suffer (have thoughts and believe their thoughts). By going outdoors and seeing all of the beauty that surrounds us, realizing how precious it is to be alive on such a beautiful planet in an absolutely huge universe… a human can expand consciousness and become happy.

It’s kind of ironic that humans will travel great distances and pay lots of money to see the aurora borealis… yet fail to appreciate the clouds and colors above. Probably no planet in 100 light years has clouds like ours. Right now, I’m looking out a window, enjoying seeing the leaves on the trees move w/ the wind. Mw (heading outdoors)